The Sevenfold Difference
To Make the Common Uncommonly Good

By using only the highest-quality materials paired with a manufacturing process we’ve refined over decades, Sevenfold offers luxury hotel-quality bed and bath linens you’ll fall in love with again and again.



Begin with Only the Best



In the same way regional vineyards grow their own distinct grapes, certain parts of the world are known for producing superior cotton yarn. We’ve selected cottons for our bed and bath linens that are both long-lasting and fine to the touch. That way, your sheets, towels, and robes will stay soft and inviting for years to come.


Make the Finest Products Possible




It doesn’t end there. After our unique cottons are spun into a yarn, they’re woven on the most advanced looms into the fabrics that you will enjoy in your home. As a final touch, we put our fabrics through a special finishing process. This commitment to quality ensures all Sevenfold products feature the same amazing look and feel.


Bring Joy to Everything We Do




Of course a product is only as good as the people standing behind it. We’ve operated as a family-owned company since 1997, with the mission of bringing beauty and joy to our customers’ lives. Everyone on the Sevenfold team shares the company’s vision, believes in its mission, and lives out these values on a daily basis.

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These are the only towels my husband will use!

Chris G.

"In 1997, we started our company to bring a higher standard of linens to the hotel and resort market. Over the years, we saw that hotel guests wanted the touch of our fine linens in their homes. Sevenfold is our response to you, our valued customer."

Michael Davison, Founder

Glad I found you towels are still in use after 16 years but need replacing! Great product...I can't stand using other towels when I have to travel!

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