Decorating Your Small Space

Having a small bedroom can feel intimidating. You have less space and it can quickly feel cramped if not organized properly. By following these four steps, you can achieve the room you’ve always dreamed of!

Step 1: Pick the Right Colors

Before you can add furniture or decorations, you have to have a clear idea of what you want you want your room to look like. Find what inspires you. What are colors that calm you or make you happy? The colors you use in your bedroom are very important because they can greatly influence how you feel. So, when choosing ones for your bedroom, you should choose wisely. On your walls, avoid colors like stark white, red, orange, yellow, and bright green (think lime green). These are more energetic and lively colors that will promote feelings like excitement and wakefulness. Also, avoid dark hues. Colors like black and darker shades of blue and brown can make your space look confined and make you feel unmotivated or lazy. If you have a bright or dark color you like, consider finding a muted version for your bedroom or use the color in a different area of the home.

Colors like light grey, lavender, powder or sky blue, or light shades of olive and sage green are highly recommended for a calming effect. If you have stark white walls or walls with an off-white tint and don’t have the ability to paint them (i.e. you have strict rental policies), try a temporary wallpaper. There are many companies that offer easy to use and remove designs. By going this route you change your mind again and again without the hassle of painting. We recommend using the temporary wallpaper as an accent wall. This will help give the illusion of a larger space and won’t overpower the space.

For furniture, try using neutral colors and use vibrant or diverse colors in other areas of the room. That will allow you to keep the furniture for years to come.

Step 2: Find Multi-Use Furniture

For small spaces, you want to have as much multi-use furniture as possible to maximize your space without sacrificing storage. A great example is a bed frame with drawers. This could eliminate the need for a dresser, or be a great place to store other things like spare bags/totes, books, and other items. If you have single-use furniture, make sure it serves a purpose. For example, if you have a laundry hamper in your room, try using a decorative hamper that compliments the theme of room. It will be a special touch that you’ll appreciate time and time again. Larger single-use furniture, like bookshelves or wardrobes/dressers should be kept against walls to keep the floor clear.

Another great way to maximize space, is to use folding furniture. Beds that can fold up are perfect for studio apartments or people that need more functional space in their bedroom. There’s also mattress alternatives like futons. We recently discovered CouchBed which is a memory foam couch that can transform into a bed with a simple flip. This is another functional-space option. If you don’t like it for your personal bedroom, it’s a great space saver for multi-functional guest rooms. If you are used to having a desk/work-space in your room, try using a wall-mounted desk that can fold up.

Step 3: Get Creative with Storage

We briefly touched on this with furniture when we mentioned furniture with purpose. If you have a bookshelf, console table, or bedside table, it should be a piece that is more than decorative. Storage can be difficult when there’s less space for big pieces. To free up your floors, consider using under-the-bed storage containers if you have a taller bed frame. Over-the-door storage is perfect for shoes, accessories, hats, and other smaller items. Items like a wall-mounted, folding desk can be used for storage AND as a work-space.

It will be important to keep your area clutter-free, as well. Small spaces look messier more quickly. Consider storing seasonal items in your garage or in other out-of-the-way areas like an attic. Also, consider purging any items that don’t have multiple purposes or are non-essential. Having a clean, organized and overall clutter-free area will give you peace when you need it most.

Step 4: Make it Your Own

Decorations are the best part of a room because they give you a chance to express yourself. If you opted for temporary wallpaper, plain white walls, or even a painted color, decor is how you really bring the room to life. Having a smaller space means your canvas is a little smaller. However, there are several easy ways to be creative.

To compliment your walls or add an accent, consider a colored or printed curtain. If you’re someone who loves natural light, consider a light-filtering curtain. For those who want the option to block out the light, get black-out curtains! They make many with insulating properties – ideal for cooler climates! No windows or your window has blinds already? Easy! Get a patterned curtain or one in a dreamy color, a supportive and decorative curtain rod, and Command hooks. By resting the curtain rod on the Command hooks and draping the curtain, you give the illusion of an accent wall or you cover the blinds (either way it sounds like a win to us). You can also add color by getting a patterned rug. This is great for rooms with hardwood flooring or plain colored carpet.

To brighten up your walls, consider adding art pieces or hanging plants. Artificial plants are great for rooms without much natural light. Another way to brighten your walls is to add wall-mounted shelves. It will add dimension and give you another storage option. They’re perfect for books, plants, vases, pictures, and more! If you want to give the illusion of a larger space, add a mirror to a corner of your room. We recommend a taller mirror; Then you can choose decorative or simple trim to fit your style.

Final Tips

If you follow each of those four steps, you should be on your way to your best room EVER! There are other things to keep in mind when decorating ANY living space. Along with color, lighting can influence your mood, but also heavily influence the look of the room. For your bedroom, try using warmer tones in your lighting. Ambient light that mimics natural lighting is recommended.

Since you’ll have decor and your beautiful walls, we recommend keeping your linens neutral. Not only will the neutrals go with your furniture, walls, and decor, it will help open up the room. Our bed linens are designed to be timeless and uncommonly cozy. Our sheets come in a soft white in your choice of three exquisite patterns. Stay tuned for more exciting products coming in 2020 to add to your home!

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