Staying Home & Staying Busy

With new measures put in place to keep us safe, a lot of people are stuck at home (with and without children home from school). Usually, we are SO excited to get a day off or get a few extra moments to do something fun. Now, we have almost too much time on our hands. If you’re stuck wondering what to do or you’ve already ran through your list, we are here to help. We’ve put together some fun activities to do at home for those of us that are currently in self-quarantine.

Going Back to Our Childhood

I know when I was a kid, one of the most fun things we did was build a blanket fort. So why not do it now? Whether you have kiddos at home or not, it’s an easy, fun activity to do. Inside a fort, you can read, watch movies, play games/cards – the possibilities are endless. Gather your sheets, blankets, pillows, and anything else soft and cozy. If you have chairs, those are the best way to open up your fort. You’ll need books or something heavy to hold the sheets in place too! When making a fort inside, there’s so many ways to build it depending on what you have at home so get creative! No matter how you make it, it will be a cozy,cuddly way to bond with your kids, practice a little “me time”, or make new memories with your significant other. Pets will love it too! More cuddles with their human? Yes, please!

Another way to revisit our childhood days is to play…outside. While we can’t exactly go to the pool and maybe not even the park, we can still GO OUTSIDE! This strays a little bit away from “staying home” but we’re not talking anything too crazy. Take some time to throw the ball for your dog, play catch (with clean hands), take a long walk or hike, or even just sit outside and doodle, read, or write. You can still practice social distancing while getting much needed fresh air and Vitamin D.

Let’s Play a Game

It’s time to break out the board games! Board games are something almost everyone can get on board with. There’s so many different games with various versions and themes. If you don’t have any, try a local department store or maybe a small business in your area. When all else fails, shop online! There’s also easy games you can play with dice and/or cards. Card and Dice Games are our favorite thing right now because the possibilities for games are endless! Pick your favorite, or make up something new. We like playing 10,000 with dice or Pyramid Solitare with cards. 10,000 is a fun game to play with friends and family. Pyramid is designed as a 1-player game, but you can easily make it a two player game!

To make Pyramid a 2-player game, first combine two decks of cards. Decide who will DRAW first. Whomever that is will flip over the first card from the deck. If it can be paired with a card in the first row of the pyramid (as per the rules of original game), they can pair it and then continue making pairs until they run out of possible pairs. If their card cannot be paired with anything in the first row, the second player will flip over a card from the deck. Then, proceed to make pairs until they no longer can. When a player runs out of possible pairs, the other player will flip a card and begin their turn.

10000 is a game that can also be played with friends and family from afar. All people involved would need their own set of 6 dice, but then rolling, taking turns and tallying scores can go on as normal.

What’s your favorite board, dice, or card game?

Screen-Time with a Twist

Screen-Time gets a bad rap because too much can be harmful to our eyes, mood, and overall health. However, having some in moderation, especially during times like these, can be relaxing and entertaining (and a great distraction for all ages). You can make it easy and have a movie night. Make a lot of popcorn, portion it into everyone’s own cup or bowl, and press play. You’re set! OR… We can rethink movie night to give us a little more out of it.

For adults and/or older children, pick a “Thinker Movie” – something that isn’t as clean cut, something that makes you really pay attention. It will get your brain working. Then, you can discuss it with your roommate/spouse/friend/etc. This is also one of the easiest things to do with friends and family from afar. You both watch (on your own time or together) and then call each other to discuss all the juicy details.

If you want to have a marathon through a TV series or movie franchise, try making it exciting! If it’s one you’ve seen before, try coming up with alternate endings or discuss new angles. Is it based on a book? Read the book! Have you already read it? Point out differences or make a list! Let your mind wander and find new ways to interact with movies and media.

For smaller children, find them a new movie. We like the idea of getting a movie NEITHER of  you have seen. Alternatively, find a movie from your childhood and show it to your kiddos. It gives you a warm wave of nostalgia while your child get to enjoy something special to you. 

Even Hermit Crabs Come Out of Their Shell

We mentioned this above, but we want to expand and reiterate this point a little more: GO OUTSIDE. Even though we are doing our best to practice social distancing and certain places are closing their doors for health and safety, it’s still important that we spend some time out of the house. For some pet owners, you don’t have a choice; You have to walk your dog or your cat likes to spend time outside, etc. Take the time to find a new route or maybe give them more time outside WITH you. Not all of us have pets that need to go outside (which is okay) so be sure to do what appeals most to you.

During this time, having moments outside in fresh air will be highly beneficial. Going outside can improve your mood/reduce stress, give you necessary Vitamin D, improve your short-term memory, and improve your physical health! So, avoid crowded indoor areas and take a walk outside. Find a new hiking spot. You could even have a seat on your porch or balcony for a few moments. Give yourself some time to be outside and decompress.

Start Something New

Having extra time is great for starting new hobbies. It’s also a perfect time to revisit your old hobbies or ones you may not have had time to do recently. Some examples of hobbies you could try during this time are: Painting, Drawing, Gardening, Chess (another game idea!!), Hiking, Knitting/Crocheting, Needle-point, Woodworking, Graphic Design, Video and Photo Editing, Origami, and Scrap-booking. You could also try out new forms of exercise to keep your body moving!

If you have artistic curiosities, try using new medium! Some art studios have even offered free tutorials on different art projects that you can do from home. Ultimately, this is a great time to try something new or get back in touch with the other loves of your life.

Our Message to You

Social-Distancing will affect all of us differently. Overall, we want to wish everyone good health and peaceful moments. It may get difficult, or may be this is just what you needed. No matter what, be sure to take care of yourself and your family. Check on loved ones. Wash your hands a little extra. It’s also a great time to reflect and make changes for the better. We will all get through it together!

While you’re staying home, we’d love to hear what activities you’re doing to stay busy, entertained, and happy! Tag us in your photos @sevenfoldhome or use the hashtag #makingsevenfoldmemories. We’ll share the responses to create a community of positive thinking and creative ideas!

Still feeling stressed?

Self care will be vital during this time and we understand that finding coping mechanisms within times like these can be hard for some. Remember to take care of yourself. Find ways to decompress and clear your mind of negativity. If you’re feeling lonely or isolated, call up an old friend or maybe a family member. The CDC has an article here with great tips on coping with COVID-19 effects. The National Suicide Lifeline also shared tips here for coping with COVID-19 effects.

Stress-relieving activities can vary from person to person. We enjoy meditating, taking a walk, practicing steady breathing, and listening to music. However, for you, it could be snuggling your pets, watering your plants, reading a book, exercising, or something unique to you. If you enjoy exercise, there are many ways to work out at home, even with no equipment. FitOn is an app with FREE workouts for ALL fitness levels with many styles of exercise available. There are also many gyms and personal trainers offering discounted, or even free, services during gym closures and social distancing. Orangetheory Fitness (OTF) is offering videos of at-home workouts with a special OTF twist! We also love The Become Project which is a highly accessible membership that has full-body workouts for you to complete each day, for just 25 minutes per day.

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