The Seven Pillars of Sevenfold Home


Why Seven Pillars?

Our name, logo, and symbols you will see through our website and media, are all rooted in these Seven Pillars.

When we created Sevenfold Home, we wanted to convey a sense of transformation and growth. To expand on that desire, we created the cocoon-like bud you see in our logos.

Each facet of the bud directly corresponds with one of the seven pillars.

These pillars give us the foundation to be the business we always dreamed of and give you a product you can be proud to have in your home.


Our First Pillar




For us, this means:

Supporting socially-responsible workplaces

Working with environmentally friendly factories

Producing eco-friendly products and eco-friendly packaging, and…

Listening to and learning about what is going on in the world


Our Second Pillar:




We will act ethically and responsibly.


We will always do what is right by our customers, vendors, and employees.


Our Third Pillar




We pursue quality down to the raw materials.

By focusing on quality from start to finish, we develop an end-product that you can feel proud adding to your home.

We set the standard at long-lasting luxury.


Our Fourth Pillar




We will represent, acknowledge, and include every unique family and their homes.


We want our brand to be a source of warmth and belonging for all.


Our Fifth Pillar




Love was at the center of Sevenfold when it was created, and has been a part of every step thereafter.


Our love manifests in the way we treat our customers, develop our products,

and work with suppliers and manufacturers.


We know that love is in the details.


Our Sixth Pillar




Our devotion to the craft.

We fuel our decisions, actions, and words

with our love for what we do and who we serve.


Our Seventh Pillar




Our #1 goal is to be of service – to our customers and our local + global communities.

We will strive to serve through various means of support and action.

We use this with the other six pillars, to give you the best possible experience.