How to Rethink Your Space Without Breaking the Bank

When it’s time to rethink your space, it doesn’t have to be hard or expensive. Really, I mean it! I have three easy projects for you that will help you feel like you changed it up, without feeling like your pockets were cleared out.

Refresh Your Living Room

I’m pretty sure when you first moved you pushed the sofa along the wall and left it there. Thought you were maximizing your space, huh? Well I have a game changer for you. Float the sofa in the middle of the room and bring it away from the wall. This trick alone will make the room feel light, airy, and BIGGER, Baby! You just gave your room a new look in under 20 mins and it was free.

Now that you have moved the sofa to the middle of your living room, let’s look at another piece of your furniture. Do you have a sofa table, that long skinny table that is supposed to go behind your sofa? Move it around! Try placing it somewhere new. This could be under a window, into your entryway, or even a completely different room. Have fun with it!

Create the Perfect Office Space

So you work from home at a desk and you’re falling asleep – maybe taking one too many naps. Change up your space! Reposition the table or desk in front of a window. Got a fireplace? Sit in front of the fireplace. Maybe you’re not feeling any of those options. Let’s go to the middle of the room. Make this area all about you. Remember, you have to be there for at least 6 hours. Make it count! Try adding a piece of art that you can just get lost in, and move your desk in front of it. Wherever you choose to move, let it be a place that inspires you.

Don’t have that perfect piece of art yet?

How about making your own? If you have a printer, you’re set. We can start small with these easy steps:

Step 1: Grab a foam poster board

If you’re feeling crafty, grab a pre-stretched canvas instead.

Step 2: Print out your favorite destinations (maybe about 18).

Step 3: Gather all your papers on the floor. Arrange them so you only see the best parts, your favorite parts.

Think, “What’s the focal point,” and, “Where does your eye immediately get drawn too?” As you are moving the papers around add a little tape on the back so nothing gets shuffled around.

Step 4: Once it’s all ready to go, tape or glue all the prints to the foam board. Now you could stop here, but if you’re feeling crafty today, see Step 5.

Step 5: If you said, yes, I’m feeling crafty, grab your canvas. Also, get some Modge Podge. Yeah, that stuff you used for a middle school art project. Secure your paper layout onto the canvas gently (glue stick might work best). Don’t worry about any hang-off pieces just yet.

Step 6: Add a smooth layer of Modge Podge on the top and let it dry to 2 hours.

I recommend placing your canvas on some plastic wrap, wax paper, or a tray (in case of spills). 

Step 7: After your beauty is done drying, trim any loose edges for that seamless finish.

Step 8: Add a final layer of Modge Podge and let dry.

Boom! You did it. A beautiful new art piece to keep you inspired and feeling good!

Enhance Your Hallway

Guess what, you can do it EASY! Excellent lighting is everything. It has the most impact on a room. If you think your place looks a little on the drab side, or it’s stuffy, not so airy, and dare I say it… stale, then it’s time to change out that fixture! Try swapping a table lamp for a floor lamp to give you a different level of brightness in the room. Alternatively, you could switch a floor lamp for a table lamp to free up floor space. Next, you can add a new piece. Try a thrifted piece, or maybe you have one in the garage that’s been collecting dust. Or for all the plant parents out there, add a new baby to your space!

The hue of your light can transform your hallway too. Most of the time, we’re choosing between blue light or yellow light. Blue light can get a bad rap because of computers and all those blue-light-blocking glasses. While that research is true, having some blue light in your home, isn’t necessarily bad. Blue light gives you a much needed boost of attention and mood throughout the day. Blue lights can also be better for cooler-toned rooms. Yellow light is great if you see too much of that pesky blue light or want a warmer hue. Incandescent bulbs give off that warm, yellow-colored light.

Which would you prefer?

Before & Afters

Are you feeling inspired? We want to see it! Try any of these tricks and show us your best ‘Before & After’ photo. Tag @mysevenfold and @krissysavagemoments or use the hashtag #krissysavagexsevenfoldhome.

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