Penrose Candles


Invigorate Your Senses

Made with natural soy wax and scented with pure essential oils. Featured in a reusable jar.

65-hour burn time


Product Details

The Best Candles For Your Home

Penrose Candles are handmade in small batches in Portland, Oregon. These candles are 10-oz of bliss with a 65-hour burn time.

Natural Composition

Each candle made with a natural soy wax and scented with pure essential oils. Sevenfold has selected four beautiful scents that will invigorate your senses without overpowering a room.

Decorative & Functional

We like to think these candles are gorgeous enough, but the jar is a finishing touch worth mentioning. Penrose Candles come in a reusable jar with a sturdy walnut lid. In addition to the jar design and soy wax, each candle has a wood wick for your enjoyment.

Scents to Love

Don’t stress over which scent is best – check out our descriptions below to help you find the right candle for you!

Norwegian Woods – Sage, oakmoss, amber, and musk. A great candle if you like sage and woody smells.

Midnight Amber – Clove, jasmine, fir, sandalwood, and musk. Full-bodied scent: soft and delicate scent with each note complimenting the other.

Highgarden – Fig, citrus, and woods. A citrus delight with woody undertones.

Wild Spruce – Spruce, fresh mint, and cranberry. Reminiscent of the winter season.


frequently asked questions

Question: Where are your candles made?

Answer:  We currently carry Penrose Candles which are handmade in Portland, OR.

Question: What are the candles made of?

Answer: The candles are made of natural soy wax and scented with pure essential oils.

Question: How long will it take to get my order?

Answer: We pack orders same-day when possible. If not, orders are packed the next business day.

Shipping time will depend on where you’re located. Generally it will take anywhere between 2-5 business days to get to you.


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