Goose Down Batiste Comforter


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Experience a joyful night’s rest with our premium Goose Down Batiste Comforter. Made of the lightest down-proof cotton–goodnight and good luck.




Product Details

goose Down batiste Comforter

Sevenfold Home’s Goose Down Batiste Comforter is the ultimate comfort item!

Uncommonly Cozy Construction

This comforter cover is made out of 100% German Batiste Cotton. German Batiste Cotton is the lightest weight, down-proof cotton available on the market. Each cover features corner loops to make attaching your duvet cover simple.

In addition to the cover, enjoy baffle box construction and an all-season weight. With this long-lasting composition, you’ll stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer: Perfect for layering!

Responsibly Sourced Down

To match the beautiful quality of the cover, we use a premium fill. Enjoy Siberian Goose Down at 850 Fill Power!

Our Goose Down Batiste Comforter received RDS certification. RDS stands for Responsible To learn more about RDS, Fill Power, and everything Down check out our blog on Down and Down Alternative Products.

Easy Care

Properly caring for your down is extremely important! We recommend washing comforters and pillows cold and drying on the lowest setting. To avoid over drying, consider checking on your comforter throughout the drying cycle to rotate and fluff it.

Key features:
  • Cover is 100% German Batiste Cotton – All Season
  • Fill: Siberian Goose Down
  • Fill Power: 850
  • Baffle Box construction
  • Durable double stitched edges with German piping
  • Corner loops provide an easy way to tie a duvet cover on and keep it in place
Bundle Up & Save

Get up to $120 in savings when you bundle! Sevenfold’s Premium Comfort Bundle offers the Goose Down Batiste Comforter and two Goose Down Batiste Pillows. Premium comfort for your relaxation.


frequently asked questions

Question: What is the difference between the Down Comforter and the Down Batiste Comforter?

Answer: Our Down Comforter is filled with a European White Goose Down at a Fill Power of 700. Our Batiste Down Comforter has a slightly higher quality fill (Siberian White Goose Down) and a Fill Power of 850. This comforter has a cover made of Batiste Cotton which is the highest quality down-proof cotton. So, with the Down Batiste Comforter you are getting the highest quality cotton and the fluffiest comforter we offer. However, both comforters look and feel luxurious.

Question: Where are your Down and Down Alternative products made?

Answer: Our pillows are comforters are filled and finished here in the US. The covers are woven/made in Europe.

Question: How long will it take to get my order?

Answer: Our Down and Down Alternative products ship from Cincinnati, OH. This can add 1-2 extra days of processing, but orders still tend to arrive within 5 business days. If for any reason the product will be later than that, we will reach out to as soon as possible.


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