Deluxe 8-Piece Bath Set


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We’ve made our Deluxe Set MORE convenient!

Each set now includes 2 Face Towels, 2 Hand Towels, 2 Bath Mats, and your choice of either 2 Bath Towels or 2 XL Bath Towels

This set is all you need for a bathroom reboot in one convenient set.

Enjoy the plush, cozy Lotus Loop Towels and Bath Mat with our Deluxe Bath Set!



Product Details

Sevenfold’s Deluxe bath set

Sevenfold is excited to offer a new, DELUXE Bath Set. This set gives you not only everything in our Essential Bath Set, but a Bath Mat to enjoy as well!

Smart in Size

Our luxury towels are carefully designed to give you the desirable surface area for each towel size. Our Bath Mats are great for big and small bathrooms alike.

With our Deluxe Bath Set, you even get to choose from our Bath Towel or XL Bath Towel to get your personal towel just right!

Specially-Crafted Weave

Our Lotus towels features what we call the Lotus LoopTM. This Lotus Loop weave creates a blooming loom that opens, or blooms, as you wash. By enhancing this design over the years, we have created a towel that feels soft and plush, while maintaining the absorbency and durability.

Heavy on the Comfort, Light on Price

GSM (grams per square meter) is the important measurement which refers to the weight of the towel. This can often impact how substantial it feels. Our towels sit at just about 700 GSM. Our Bath Mats are approximately 975 GSM. By offering this luxurious towel at a higher GSM, we provide a big, cozy feel at a nice comfortable price.

In addition, you can buy our towels separately: Face Towel, Hand Towel, Bath Towel, XL Bath Towel, and Classic Bath Mat.

Lightweight, Durable, AND Uncommonly Soft

All our Lotus Towels and Bath Mats are made of 100% long-staple combed cotton. As a result, you enjoy long-lasting softness (combed cotton) and long-lasting durability (long-staple length). Enjoy your shower AND the comfort that comes next!

Saves You Time

Our towels are designed to soak up every drop so you don’t waste time pushing the water around. Our bath mats are designed similarly to our towels; You can feel good knowing your bath mat will absorb every little drop of water. It won’t soak through to your floor or sit on the surface!

See why our customers “Highly Recommend” and say they are the “only towels they’ll use in their home!”

Key features:
  • Made of 100% long-staple combed cotton
  • Each set includes..
    • (2) Face Towel measures 13″ x 13
    • (2) Hand Towel measures 17″ x 30″
    • (2) Bath Towel measure 27″ x 54″  (OR)
    • (2) XL Bath Towel measures 32″ x 58″
    • (2) Classic Bath Mat 20″ x 30″
  • Designed for maximum absorbency
  • Available in four colors: Egret (White), Eggshell (Ivory), Williwaw (Charcoal Grey, and Midnight Dive (Navy Blue)
  • Machine washable