Picking Your Comforter: The Three Important Features

The average person will spend between 25-26 years sleeping and about 7 years in bed; That means you spend a total of 33 years in bed! With so much of our lives spent in one place, our comfort is very important. From the sheets to the comforter – all pieces will contribute to the big picture. Picking the right comforter can seem like an easy choice, but they can also get costly when you don’t buy what you want or have to replace a flimsy one down the line.

In this blog, we’ll be helping you pick out the comforter that is right for you!

Construction Style: Sewn-Through vs. Baffle Box

The construction of a comforter refers to how the inside of the comforter is designed. Generally, comforters come in one of two construction styles. There is sewn-through or baffle box. Knowing which style is which will be important when choosing what is right for you. Do you get cold easily? Or maybe you sleep hot? Getting the wrong style comforter could make either of those conditions worse for you. To avoid that, let’s talk about the two styles.

A sewn-through style (sometimes called “quilted style”) will lay flatter and is often used for lower weights due to less area within the sections. The Baffle Box style will look loftier and often feel a little more substantial. It can hold all fill powers, but is generally used for mid-range to high fill powers.

Pros of Sewn-Through Construction:

  • Lightweight look and feel
  • Fill material is evenly distributed with less risk of migrating
  • Great for people who sleep warm or like less bedding
  • Easy to layer with other blankets / bedding

Cons of Sewn-Through Construction:

  • Can look or feel thin due to it’s lightweight design
  • Cold spots can form at the seams
  • Generally holds lower fill powers

Pros of Baffle Box Construction:

  • Can hold all fill weights
  • Substantial look and feel (maximum loft)
  • Fill material distributed throughout
  • Depending on weight (fill power) it can be good for people who sleep cold
  • Minimal cold spots

Cons of Baffle Box Construction:

  • Fill can migrate between boxes (but this is easily fixed with dryer balls and proper maintenance)
    • Cold spots can form due to the migration
Weight: Fill Material and Fill Power

When deciding the weight of your comforter, you should consider the construction style AND the type of fill you want. Common weights are: Summer weight, All Season weight, and Heavy weight. Keep in mind that although the fill power can be a factor in making a Summer, All-Season, or Heavy weight comforter, it is not the only thing that determines the air flow (see the Construction section above).

When it comes to the Fill Material, it is more about personal preference. Down feathers have insulating properties and come in different qualities. However, many down alternative fills can mimic the feel of down and have similar insulation. Due to this fact, Down Alternative is best for those with allergies. Even so, many comforters come with down-proof covers which can lower the risk of an allergic reaction. We recommend choosing a down alternative if you are unsure.

Fill Power  applies only to down fills. The Fill Power (FP) is the measurement used to determine the fluffiness, or loft, of the comforter. This measurement is also related to the insulating ability of the down. For example, Comforters with a 550 FP will feel more lightweight whereas a comforter with 850 or 900 FP will feel more substantial and have better insulation. There generally isn’t a down alternative equivalent to fill power, so we recommend buying from a brand you trust and/or researching the quality of the fill material. Some lack the breathability and superior air flow of the down fills and premium down alternative fills.

Sevenfold uses only high-quality fills for both down and down alternative options. For down fills, we have an option with European Goose Down option and one with Siberian Goose Down. Their fill powers range from 700 – 850. Our Down Alternative option is filled with a high-quality 0.9 Denier Microfiber (polyester). This comforter mimics the feel and insulation of our European Goose Down Comforter.

Picking the Right Cover: Quality for Quantitydown comforter close-up with a fold down

Okay, so you’ve looked at the construction of the comforter, you’ve looked at the weight / fill power, and now you’re looking at the cover. You know – that fabric on the outside! You’re rubbing the fabric between your fingers, reading the tag, and give it one last run over with the eyes and hands. What you should be looking for is the thread count and fabric material. You should also note the hand feel, edge stitching, and care instructions. By paying attention to the details, you can ensure that your comforter will last.

Contrary to popular belief, low thread counts can still yield high-quality fabrics. If the thread count seems low, check the fabric material. If it’s a polyester, poly-blend, or a material you don’t recognize, do more research. There is no harm in passing on something you don’t fully understand. While some polyesters and poly-blends can be great, some are cheaply made or quickly produced and will wear down quicker over time. Luxury Comforters are best with 100% cotton or other high-quality materials (think bamboo, tencel, or other specialty fabrics). Another valuable quality is the softness. Having a softer cotton cover will make it comfortable for you without a duvet cover and prevent abrasive rubbing with a duvet cover. To learn more about thread count, check out our blog The Truth About Thread Count.

Next, take a look at the little details – like the stitching. Double stitched hems tend to be more durable in the long run. Another little detail is the flexibility of the comforter. Duvet covers have many, many ways to fasten closed. A versatile comforter will ensure you never have to struggle with that. For example, Sevenfold’s comforters have loops in each corner to make any duvet cover a breeze. And finally, don’t forget to look at the tag. Comforters are often machine washable, but some may require professional dry clean / spot clean instead. If you prefer an easy-to-care-for comforter, make sure it is machine washable!

Ready, Set, Go!

With all that information, you’re bound to be an expert now. So go out there with confidence knowing you will pick a comforter just right for you.

Sevenfold offers three luxury comforters. We have a Down Alternative option with a high-quality microfiber fill and Goose Down option. Both have 100% cotton covers with a delightful hand feel. Our premium option is our Goose Down Batiste Comforter. This comforter has a deluxe fill and cover. In fact, Batiste Cotton the lightest weight cotton available on the market that is down-proof. To check out all of our down comforters and pillows, click here.

What’s your favorite comforter?

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