Meet the Sevenfold Team

Last year on our anniversary, we met the owners and learned the History of Sevenfold. This year, we wanted to introduce you to the rest of our team!

As a family-owned and operated company, when we add new team members, we want them to feel like family. Luckily, our staff is very close knit and functions as one unit. We believe this only affirms our mission and makes the job that much better. When Becca had the idea to introduce the team, she wanted to sit down, Q&A style, to get some information about the people behind Sevenfold. So, without further ado, let’s meet the Sevenfold Team.

Wholesale, Logistics, and Retail: Meet Demi H.

Meet the Sevenfold Team: Team member, Demi, pictured with her husband at a Hindu wedding.Demi is originally from South Africa. She started at Sevenfold in 2016 after moving to the States a year earlier. If you’ve been following the company for a while, you have probably interacted with Demi at least once before. Most of the time you can find her working with our wholesale customers, planning and coordinating our shipments, and doing all the nitty gritty tasks that keep us thriving. She’s big on family, positivity, and comfort.

Since Demi has been here the longest (besides our owners) we sat down with her first to see what she loves about Sevenfold.

Question: What is your favorite thing about working at Sevenfold?

Answer: “Sevenfold has really won my heart. The values of Sevenfold resonate strongly with my personal values and I love that we collaborate and infuse those values into everything we do here at Sevenfold. I love the teams that we have created around ourselves and the relationships that we create with our customers every day.”

Question: What is one of your favorite memories from working here? 

Answer: “Hmmm … Being a small business I have had the opportunity to touch on all areas of business and I love that, so I have many wonderful memories and experiences that it’s hard to pin point just one. I think the rebranding process was by far one of the best experiences here. It was a fun process that gave me the opportunity to make my mark on the company. Also, having the opportunity to travel to India and experience first-hand a traditional Hindu wedding was definitely a once in a lifetime experience that I will always treasure … stop me now because I have many more memories I could share. I think my takeaway is that I am grateful for everything Sevenfold brings into my life on a daily basis.”

Question: What is something you look forward to in the future of Sevenfold? 

Answer: “Growth. We have so many exciting plans in the pipeline to grow into different markets that really excite me. I look forward to the moment (especially after 2020) when I get to look back and see how far Sevenfold has come. Like all businesses, going through the Pandemic has been a trial, which has meant that we have really had to dig deep, get creative and pivot. It’s like watching your child grow up and take flight into the world.”

Gee.. We weren’t expecting to get emotional, but here we are.. Teary and happy. Having Demi in our corner is truly a blessing!

Customer Service, Social Media, and More: Meet Becca S.

Meet the Sevenfold Team: Team Member, Becca, pictured with her French Bulldog, Maggie.

Becca grew up right here in the Portland Metro area. She has moved around within the state, but settled in a suburb of Portland in 2017. However, she didn’t join our team until 2019.

It’s pretty much a guarantee that if you have a customer inquiry, a question, or if you interact with our social media, you’ll get Becca. We think she beautifully embodies the voice of Sevenfold and is an integral part of planning, wholesale operations, and customer service.

Let’s see how her  Q&A went!

Question: What is your favorite thing about working at Sevenfold?

Answer: “What it boils down to is that this company is just…different. It’s different than any other company I’ve worked for. I get to come to work every day feeling grateful instead of tired, exhausted, or dreadful like in some of my past jobs. I love getting to work with our customers and people all over the world through this industry. Having a healthy work-life balance and flexible schedule is nice too.”

I think this is where that winking emoji comes in handy.

Question: What is one of your favorite memories from working here? 

Answer: “I can’t pick out one single favorite, but I always enjoy seeing customer feedback. Hearing ‘I love these sheets’ or ‘I am ordering more’ gives me this giddy feeling I didn’t know I could have about sheets and towels,” she laughed. “No seriously… I didn’t realize how much I had learned about sheets and how passionate about the industry I could be until I was suddenly on a rant about raw materials, fair trade, and ocean shipments.”

Question: What is something you look forward to in the future of Sevenfold? 

Answer: “I am looking forward to all the new products we’re launching and the big plans we have for 2021 and 2022. Getting to plan and see everything come to fruition is so amazing.”

And Here’s to 2021… We’re Ready for You

When 2020 officially ended, we felt a sigh of relief. In addition, we felt excited and ready for all the new opportunities that awaited us in this new year. Stick with us through 2021 and you are sure to see new products and more of our team!

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