Looking Ahead

With all the celebrations, family and friend visits, and let’s face it – food and drink – out of the way, we all deserve to relax and prepare ourselves for the new year. Here’s some easy tips, tricks, and advice on how to prep your home and yourself for the change.

Out with the Old… In with the New!

We like to think of this time as Spring Cleaning 2.0. A new year represents a clean slate – a new journey. This year is extra special because it’s also a new decade. That means you have new goals to create. We’re not talking about “New Years Resolutions” – we’re talking about real life goals. And the best way to begin forming new goals is with a clean home and a planned vision.

Start with your bedrooms. Strip the beds and start the washer; Fresh sheets will feel great after you’ve done a long day of purging, cleaning, and planning. If you keep extra sheets in your closet for occasions like these, you’re already prepared! This is also a great time to evaluate the liveliness of your sheets. Do they still serve their purpose? Maybe you need one more back-up set so that you can replace your oldest one? Keep in mind, old sheets that are still usable can be donated to animal shelters and homeless shelters if you no longer need them. This goes the same for clothes, shoes, and some home goods you may find along the way. It’s an easy way to give back to your community! Anything not suited for such can be donated to thrift stores in your area. Before donating to shelters, always be sure to call ahead and see what they can take or are in need of.

Next, try your bathrooms. Towels should be washed after about three uses. In the US, 65% of Americans claim they shower once every day. This means if you fall within that 65%, and have only one set of towels, you could end up washing it up to 121 times in the year! This is why we recommend having at least 3 sets of towels for each bathroom. Take the time to care for your towels and check-in on their liveliness too. Towels are another great thing to donate to shelters.

Ready, Set, Relax

For some, finding the “off” switch is hard. After cleaning your home and purging your old linens, you deserve a pat on the back and a nice, tranquil moment of peace. For others, finding that “off” switch is easy. You may find yourself having a hard time even finding the motivation to begin because you hit the unwind stage the moment the last guest left your home or the moment you got in the car… which is completely normal and okay. If you need to relax before you clean, do it! It’s important to listen to your body and find out what works for you.

Something we like to do, and recommend that everyone try at least once, is meditation. “Meditate” is a fancy word for breathing deeply and clearing or focusing your mind – something that is easiest to do when relaxed. It’s a great way to make yourself ready for what’s to come. Go to your quiet space: Whether that’s your freshly made bed, your office, or even in a nice, warm bubble bath. Take a moment to sit, have a few deep breaths, and clear your mind… Now you’re meditating!

Hello 2020!

Okay, so you’ve cleaned and relaxed, or relaxed and then cleaned… Now what? Now is time to make those real life goals. Entering a new decade can be scary and exciting. It breeds endless possibilities for change and improvement.  Since you’ve already decompressed from the holidays and prepared your home. Let’s talk planning!

The best way to plan is to make lists! It seems so simple, and maybe a bit elementary, but it will give you something to refer back to. Here’s the way to do it. Make two lists: Home and Self. Since your home should be a place of comfort, joy, and peace, you should always strive to make it the best environment it can be. This can mean different things for different people. Maybe you want new linens for every room or a new couch/sofa. Make doable steps for yourself on the “Home” list. For example, if it’s new linens you want, write down each room you want them for and you can slowly chip away at it. If it’s a new couch/sofa, consider these steps: Start Couch Fund, Do Research, Pick Favorite(s), Purchase Couch.

For your “Self” list, consider small, obtainable things you wish to achieve. Maybe it’s external goals like folding your towels and linens neatly as soon as they’re clean or organizing your desk at work. For some, it may be more introspective like creating new positive habits such as, positive self-talk, drinking more water, or cutting out harmful habits. Whatever your personal goals, you can achieve them. You are an ever-changing and growing human being.

How We Prepare

At Sevenfold Home, our mission is to bring beauty and joy to our customers’ lives. This fuels our passion for customer service. We strive to give you only the best products so that your home can be your happy place. Our team believes in our mission and shares the same vision for 2020. As we move forward into a new year and new decade, we are most looking forward to bringing you new and exciting products that will invigorate and refresh your home and spirit. To prepare for this, we’ve made our lists and are diving in.

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