How Many Linens Do I need? 

We often get the question from our customers of how many linens do I need? Whether you are preparing for a new home, refreshing your linen closet, or setting up a new rental property, having high-quality linens will set you up for many joyful moments and years of use.

Sevenfold Home Luxury Bed LinensBed Linens

When you’re shopping for personal bed linens, your favorite number is three. For the bedrooms you sleep in regularly, you will want one on the bed, one in the wash, and one ready to go in the linen closet. We also recommend investing in a few extra pillow cases. If you’re someone who prefers changing their pillow cases often, you’ll have some on hand. Otherwise, you’ll have extras to use after an illness, after a trip, or just extra to have for peace of mind.

For guest beds and rentals, order two sets per bed, one to keep on the bed to use when they arrive, and one in the linen closet. Your guests will feel welcome that the bed is already made and you’ll have a clean set ready to go for when they leave. For those with smaller spaces who still wish to accommodate guests, purchase an extra twin or full sheet set. You can use it to cover your couch or an air mattress so that you are able to still offer your guests a luxury experience. Give yourself plenty of time to follow the care instructions so that your guests’ sheets will continue to be uncommonly soft throughout their uses.

Sevenfold Home Luxury Bath Towels

Bath Towels

Personal bath towels benefit from the same rule of thumb: Three per person should do the trick. Again, this leaves one for the bathroom, one for the closet, and one in the laundry. Each bath towel can be used three to four times before needing a wash. For hand and face towels, we recommend having a few extra since they will need to be switched out more frequently. To keep germs and illness at bay, you should change your hand and face towels every 2-3 days. If you have hand and face towels that aren’t being used as often, switch it out once a week.

Bath Robes

Bath robes are a simple pleasure that you, and your guests, will appreciate. For personal use, we recommend 1-2 per person, depending on your laundry schedule. Robes are great for putting on after a bath or shower, or wearing while you get ready for the day. Robes should be washed at least once per week, if used often. Having a back-up will be helpful for when one is in the wash.

For guest bathrooms or rentals, we recommend two robes per bathroom. If you assume two guests per bathroom, there’s one robe for each person. If you have guests often or for frequented rentals, keep a few extra on hand to make the switch/turn-over easier on you.

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As we move closer and closer to the holidays and flu/allergy seasons, be sure to evaluate your linen closets. Do you have enough linens? Subscribe to our blog to keep up on all our household tips and read helpful, relevant topics related to you, your home, and everything in-between.

For those of you who are refreshing your linen closet, don’t throw out your old ones! Donate them! Sheets in fair shape can be donated to local homeless or crisis shelters, churches, and/or resale stores (i.e. Goodwill). Sheets with a little more wear and tear, may be accepted by animal shelters for their dogs beds or kennels. While you make yourself comfortable in your new linens, you’re also giving the gift of comfort to those in need – a beautiful way to spread joyful moments.

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