Spruce Up Your Kitchen

Your kitchen and dining area is one of the most-utilized, multifunctional spaces in your home. Its versatility is unmatched as it allows family members to enjoy meals, entertain guests and prepare food in the same space. If you think that it’s time to give your kitchen a new look, here are some design tips that are easy to implement – you can get started right away!

Change Your Cabinet Spacefloating shelves in kitchen

Painting your cabinets can be a quick face-lift to your space. If you currently have an all-white kitchen design, you can give it a new modern look by painting the front cabinets in contrasting darker colors like black, charcoal, or a fun color that matches your style. For kitchens with darker or wooden cabinets, try painting them a cool white to give the illusion of a more open space. Don’t forget to sand them first!

You can also change up your cabinet look with a simple change of the handle. Check your local hardware store for classic and modern options, or try your local thrift store for vintage and unique looks.

If you feel that kitchen has a heavy look, an easy solution is to remove the upper cabinet doors. This will open up the look of that space and allow you to display some of your best decorative dishes or crockery items. If the hinge holes become visible, paint them to match! Another option is to completely remove your cabinets and opt for floating shelves. With either of these options, you can display décor elements in addition to your dishes and cookware. Think of all those cookbook collections, potted plants and vintage cookware on your kitchen counter. With more space and easy viewing, you have a less cluttered look and more space for food prep.

Not keen on the idea of removing your kitchen cabinet doors? Try adding additional shelves inside the cabinets to create more space or consider one of the redecorating options above, like painting or switching out your handles.

tile installtion for kitchen backsplashInstall a Fresh Backsplash

A fresh, modern backsplash can be a GAME CHANGER. Nowadays, glass backsplash styles are really the worth the investments as they offer a modern and sleek look while being easy to clean. If you own a small-sized kitchen, mirrored backsplash are much more ideal as they reflect more light and create the illusion of more space. White backsplash can also be a great option for that same illusion.

You could also consider painting over old tile or backsplash, if the material allows. When doing so, ensure that you clean it thoroughly. Then, you will want to coat the surface with primer and let it fully dry before applying the paint. I recommend doing a test area with your primer and paint before committing to the project to make sure you like it and that the paint works!

On a tight budget? To save money, try a peel and stick tile or wallpaper or tile option! Going the peel and stick route will allow you to add that extra flair without breaking the bank. Peel and stick is easy to apply so you won’t be spending days with your renovation. By choosing a wallpaper instead of a tile, you can do an abstract design or go with a pattern to compliment your cabinets.

Replace Your Lightingkitchen sink and sconce

Lighting can form an important part of design style around your home, kitchen included. That’s why you should keep your eyes peeled for interesting lights that can add to your kitchen’s style. For the kitchen, wall sconces can be pretty eye-catching and often come in a variety of colors. Thrift stores, local markets, or estate / garage sales will be the best avenue for unique and vintage lighting. If you have a certain theme you’re going for, try looking for options at your local hardware store or online.

If you already have fixtures you love, but you still feel like your space is dark or drab, try replacing the light bulbs. Certain light bulbs have different hues which can affect your room. If you want to be able to dim and change your light hue, try an LED color changing bulb. LED color changing bulbs have apps for your smartphone to help you control the color/hue and brightness. Great for setting the mood! LED bulbs are also great for the planet – and your electrical bill.

Add Curtains or Shutters

Many homeowners tend to forget the importance of window coverings until they realize that they can be seen by the occasional passersby or their neighbors. Sometimes that’s a great thing – like when you want to pass on a wave or a smile. For those of us who want to stay in their robe all weekend or want the option for privacy, you can install shades or blinds. If your window doesn’t have the right hardware, there are easy installation options or even tool-less options (thank you, Command Strips). Curtains can be a great way to add to the aesthetic and switch it out as often as you want! Blinds or shutters are a longer-term solution that can help you vary your lighting throughout the day and seasons. 

If your home came with blinds or shutters, try something else creative to spruce up your space! Hanging plants can be a lively alternative to a curtain.

Which Ways Do You Spruce Up Your Kitchen?

Do you have DIYs or small projects to spruce up a kitchen? Show us your re-decorations and renovations by tagging us @mysevenfoldhome or using the hashtag #krissysavagexmysevenfoldhome. We’d love to see all your ideas and inspirations!

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