Folding that Fitted Sheet – It’s Simple!

Are you struggling  to keep your linen closet looking neat and tidy because of that unruly fitted sheet? We’re here to let you in on the secret to folding that complicated, unruly fitted sheet! Check out our five simple steps below!

Sevenfold Home Luxury Bed Linens

The Five Easy Steps:

STEP 1 – Lay the sheet out onto a flat surface with the puckered/seamed edges up and visible. Be sure to have all four corners facing inwards.

STEP 2 – Take the two bottom corners and fold them up into the top two corners so that the seams align. Be sure to flatten as you go.

STEP 3- Then, take the left two corners and fold them to the right two corners.

STEP 4 – Next, fold it into thirds on the long side, continuing left to right. You should end up with a long rectangle.

STEP 5 – Finally, move so that you are facing the long end of the rectangle. Fold from left to right in thirds to create a square. Now you have a beautifully folded fitted sheet!

Looking for the Perfect Fitted Sheet?

Sevenfold Home designed their sheets with hotels and spas in mind. The products are developed to handle the rigors of the hospitality industry which means they have the luxury quality you love and the durability you need. Our luxury fitted sheets are made of premium, specially sourced cotton to give you uncommonly cozy comfort. Also, they have 16″ deep pockets which allows them to fit most mattresses. Enjoy life’s simple pleasures with our Essential Fitted Sheet Set or add to your favorite Sevenfold collection with our Fitted Sheet.


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