Goose vs. Duck: How to Choose

So you’re here because you’re in the market for either a down comforter or pillow. That’s great! However, when looking to purchase these down items, a common debate arises: Goose or Duck?

The best way to choose between a goose and a duck down is to understand what either selection has to offer as a down product. Although both have similar attributes, let’s discuss what item excels in providing the most comfort, longevity, and eventually, the best bang for your buck!

bedroom shot with comforter, pillows, pillowcases, and sheetsdown clusters: Environmental factors

The environments that geese and ducks live in directly affects the type of down cluster they produce. The type of down they produce will relate to their comfort, longevity, and cost.

Down clusters are an organic product. With organic products there can be inconsistencies in quality due to different environmental circumstances. Even so, goose down clusters are deemed a higher quality when compared to duck.

Geese usually live and migrate in colder climates. The colder environment allowed geese to produce large feathers and, in turn, larger down clusters. Because the down clusters are larger, they offer more insulation (better opportunity for warmth / temperature regulation). This makes it easier to accomplish a more desired weight to warmth ratio. This ratio is also known as a product’s fill power.

Ducks haven’t had to adapt to colder climates like geese. Because of this, their down clusters are smaller and aren’t as insulating. In order to make a duck down comforter have insulation similar to a goose down comforter, you have to use much more fill. That makes the fill power lower. So, in comparison, the goose down will be more lightweight without compromising on warmth.

Goose vs duck: which provides better…


Now that we understand how fill power relates to a warmth to weight ratio, what does it have to do with comfort? As mentioned above, goose down clusters are warmer therefore, less material is needed to make a goose down product well insulated and light-weight. Because goose down products have a higher fill power, they will offer a fluffy and well-insulated experience. At Sevenfold, we curated Down Comforters and Pillows with high-quality goose down fills and higher fill powers. The result is an uncommonly cozy comforter that you fall in love with night after night.

beautifully made bed with sevenfold linens

Duck down products tend to have lower fill powers, meaning they are not as lofty or insulative. This is because when producing a duck down product, you have to use more clusters to create a product with good insulation. By doing so, the comforter becomes heavier and thicker. This additional weight and thickness is why a duck down product does not produce a comparable comfort to a goose down product.


Another way to measure quality in a product is the lifetime, or longevity, it offers. Fills made with down clusters offer a resilience that other fills lack to compete with. A down product is a more appropriate choice when choosing a product that you will want to use daily, like a pillow or comforter.

Although both goose and duck down clusters offer great durability, goose down remains superior. Geese are larger birds that grow more and more resilient as they age. Their natural resilience creates a higher quality and more durable cluster, making it more reliable in the long run.


When searching for a new comforter or pillow, you will notice that down products are priced higher when compared to alternatives. Alternative fills are often made with man-made fibers that can be easily sourced and produced. The alternatives can be great for many reasons; However, goose and duck fills will offer a better insulation and longevity. When comparing duck down fills to goose down fills, duck is likely to be lower in price. This is due to a two main factors.

One main factor in determining the cost of a down comforter or pillow is the fill power. The higher the fill power, the more luxurious the product is considered. As previously noted, goose down products generate a higher fill power, which puts them at the higher end of cost. The other main factor is supply and demand. Duck down is lower in cost because of it’s ease of availability. Because it is more common, there’s less demand. Goose down is not as common or easy to acquire which makes it more rare (higher demand). This causes the price to be slightly higher.

graph to showcase the differences between goose and duck down fills.

Results: Goose vs. duck

So which is it: Goose or Duck? This chart easily compares the two types of down fill and their attributes. As you can see, goose fills offer much more longevity and comfort. Even more specifically, they offer more in fill power and insulation. The only attribute where duck beats goose, is in cost.

Although goose down products are generally higher in price, people continue to choose them over the more affordable options. When buying a comforter or pillow, consider a product that will be comforting and long-lasting. Paying a little extra for a longer-lasting, more luxurious product will give you more bang for your buck.

It is worth mentioning that good duck down product exist, but you won’t find a duck down product that matches goose down in comfort and longevity.

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