Down & Down-Alternative Products – What You Need to Know

Down & Down-Alternative Products

Have you ever wondered about down and down-alternative products? How do you determine the quality? Well you’re in luck! With the release of our down and down-alternative line, we wanted to provide you with all the details you’ll need to make the most informed decision.

Fill Power Ranges from 500 to 900. 500 is common, while 900 is more rare. Sevenfold Home offers products between 650 and 850 fill power.

Down Fills

The down fill used in our products is made up of goose down clusters sourced from various regions in Europe. Down clusters are the soft and fluffy insulating layer found beneath the feathers. Down clusters make up the “down content” which closely relates to the fill power. Fill power is the measurement of down content in each ounce of the product and ranges from 500-900.  Fill Power of 500 is more common and less fluffy. 900 Fill Power is more rare, but very fluffy and has better insulation

So, when you’re looking for a comforter, you’re going to want the higher fill power so that you have better insulation. When you’re looking for a pillow, you’re going to want a higher fill power so that it’s fluffier. We want you to be warm and uncommonly cozy, so we carry comforters and pillows with up to 850 Fill Power. For reference, our Featherbed has 650 Fill Power in it’s top and the bottom is filled with feathers for added loft and comfort.

Our down fill is also RDS certified. To read more about RDS standards, click here.

Down-Alternative Fills

Down-alternative fills are often made with microfibers to mimic the comfort of down. A lot of the top-tier, luxury down-alternative comforters you will find are filled with some form of polyester or blend. Many companies treat or blend their microfibers to give them different desired properties.

Our down-alternative comforter and pillows are filled with a polyester microfiber. We use a 0.9 denier polyester that is treated in order to enhance the silkiness and get the feel closer to down products. Denier describes the the thickness of a thread. For example, a strand of human hair is usually around 20 denier. Since we don’t have “fill power” as a reference with down-alternatives, we use the silky polyester fill and make the outer layer with a high-quality cotton so that when you lay down, it’s nothing but a joyful moment.


Luxurious Down Comforter by Sevenfold Home


Caring for our down and down-alternative products is easy! For all our pillows and comforters, machine wash cold with a mild detergent. When drying, be sure to set it to the lowest heat setting. Excessive heat can damage your pillow or comforter. We also recommend using dryer balls to help redistribute the down/fill throughout the comforters and pillows. For our toppers, we recommend spot cleaning and air drying. For a more serious clean, seek out a professional as the toppers are dry clean only. After all washes, re-fluff all your down and down-alternative products as another way to keep the down/fill distributed evenly and maintain the comfort.

To keep your products healthy and full of luster, make sure you are sticking to a cleaning schedule. Pillows should be washed 2-3 times per year, or once every 4-6 months. If you have allergies, we recommend increasing to once every 2-3 months. As a general rule of thumb, comforters without duvet covers should be washed once per week. You could push this to once every two weeks if you layer your blankets more often. Comforters that are covered with a duvet or top sheet can be washed monthly.

Our Commitment to You!

Here at Sevenfold Home, we partner with only the best to provide you with the luxury you’re accustomed to. The new down and down-alternative products can be found with our other uncommonly soft, and luxurious bedding here. Feeling is believing so wrap yourself in love and experience the uncommonly good for yourself!


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