The Sevenfold Journal

Tips for the Holiday Traveler

Travel Tips The holidays are officially upon us! With so much planning and stress to come, you need your trips to be organized so that you can focus your time where it’s really needed. We’ve […]


How to Style and Organize Your Guest Room

How to Style and Organize Your Guest Room The holidays are right around the corner and that means guests will be arriving soon. Whether you have an immaculate guest room, one that could use some […]

Sevenfold Batiste Comforter Folded

Down & Down-Alternative Products – What You Need to Know

Down & Down-Alternative Products Have you ever wondered about down and down-alternative products? How do you determine the quality? Well you’re in luck! With the release of our down and down-alternative line, we wanted to […]


Know Your Cotton

Know Your Cotton As cotton processing has evolved, so has the quality of cotton. Finding good, quality cotton products, can be very difficult, especially due to sneaky marketing tactics. You’ll see “100% cotton” and “Egyptian […]


How Many Linens Do I Need?

How Many Linens Do I need?  We often get the question from our customers of how many linens do I need? Whether you are preparing for a new home, refreshing your linen closet, or setting […]


Creating a Bedtime Routine

Creating a Bedtime Routine Sleep is a learned behavior. Meaning, you can learn how to sleep well and you can learn how to sleep not-so-well. Having a healthy bedtime routine can help you unwind mentally […]