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Featured Hotel : Bristol Hotel

Anyone who knows our team knows we have the opportunity to stay in some incredible, premium hotels across the country. Which means our favorite boutique hotel recommendations are pretty well vetted. After a recent stay […]

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Seven Relaxing Bedroom Ideas

Sleep is essential to living a healthy life, which means that decorating your bedroom in a way that supports relaxation and sleep is also essential.   Research shows that having an evening routine/ritual before bedtime […]


Know Your Cotton

Knowing your cotton is an important factor when choosing quality bed linen and terry towel products. Labels read: “Made from 100% Cotton,” but what does that really mean? And what should you know about cotton […]


The Truth About: Thread Count

Hands up those of you who believed the higher the thread count the better the quality the bed sheet!  I’m sorry to say we have all been swept off our feet by some fancy marketing.  So […]