Care Instructions




Here at Sevenfold Home, we are dedicated to bringing you quality linens that will only get better as you wash.


Washing Your Linens

Bed and Bath Linens should be washed in warm water.

Mild detergents are recommended. Fabric softener as directed.

For White Towels/Linens: When needed, use non-chlorine bleach ONLY

For Colored Towels/Linens: Do not use bleach

Please see below for care instructions on Down and Down Alternative products.


Drying Your Linens

For Bed Linens: Dry using the Permanent Press Cycle on your dryer.

If your dryer does not have a Permanent Press Cycle, use a Medium heat setting.

For Towels/Bath Linens: Dry on a low heat setting.

Avoid high-heat settings or multiple drying cycles to prevent over-drying.


Down & Down-Alternative Products

Comforters and Pillows should be washed in cold water, using a mild/gentle detergent.

Wash using the gentle cycle.

Dry on the lowest heat setting. Comforters may take a few cycles to fully dry.

Utilize dryer balls for Pillows and Comforters to prevent clumping.

Mattress Toppers should be spot cleaned and air-dried.

If you need a deeper clean, consider professional dry cleaning.