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Four Tips For Restful Sleep

Four Tips For Restful Sleep Did you know that adults need 7-9 hours of sleep to function at their best? According to the American Sleep Association, about a third of Americans reported getting less than […]

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Wash or Toss: Bathroom Edition

When to wash and when to toss: bathroom Edition We recently dove in and discussed when to WASH and when to TOSS your bed linens. Now that our towels are back in stock, we thought […]


When to Wash and When to Toss

When to Wash and When to Toss When you go to bed, you want your linens to be clean and cozy. Knowing how to keep them that way is important for the longevity of your […]


The Four Steps to Decorating a Small Bedroom

Decorating Your Small Space Having a small bedroom can feel intimidating. You have less space and it can quickly feel cramped if not organized properly. By following these four steps, you can achieve the room […]


The History of Sevenfold Home

The History of Sevenfold Home  Sevenfold Home is celebrating their 23rd anniversary this year! In light of the excitement, I sat down with the company’s owner, Michael Davison, to learn all about him and how […]


Looking Ahead: How to Prep for the New Year

Looking Ahead With all the celebrations, family and friend visits, and let’s face it – food and drink – out of the way, we all deserve to relax and prepare ourselves for the new year. […]


The Truth About Thread Count

Thread Count Thread count refers to the number of threads per square inch. In the early 2000’s, companies began using thread count as a marketing tool to convince consumers of the quality of their products. […]