Should I Do Away With My Flat Sheet?

Sheets are often sold in a four-piece set consisting of a fitted sheet, a flat sheet and two pillowcases. Some are choosing to do away with the traditional sets and go for a simple bed linen set or are simply buying separates. They argue that the flat sheet is just a finicky piece of fabric and adds more work to making the bed. Others love the versatility and uniformity of the flat sheet. Here, we’ll dive in and explore the question “Should I do away with my flat sheet?”

Flat Sheet – The Basics

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First things first, let’s talk about making the bed. You put your fitted sheet on, then you’d add your flat sheet. Did you know that manufacturers design flat sheets to be softer on the printed side? So when you make your bed, you should always have the printed side down for your added comfort. The flat sheet can also keep your comforter from getting dirty and therefore, help it last longer.

Those who are ready to do away with that pesky flat sheet may argue that when making the bed, it’s the tucking that makes it cumbersome – which is understandable. Who hasn’t struggled to get the perfect tuck? Some find that they like to wrap the blankets under their feet so they end up pulling the sheet out anyways. Others like having the tuck to keep it clean and sleek. It can make a big cocoon if you tuck on the left, right, and bottom. There’s also those who don’t tuck at all. Is it out of laziness or are they adding a stylistic flair? Let’s think contemplate that angle further.

Comfort vs. Aesthetic

When you keep your flat sheet, you have added an element of style; It’s all in the layering. You could tuck it and have the sneak-peek when you fold down your sheets or you could keep it un-tucked so that the it pokes out under the comforter or duvet on the sides. Maybe you want both! Without the flat sheet, you have the ability to keep the look even simpler with blankets and/or a comforter for the style.

If you’re leaning toward no flat sheet, you may enjoy having thick blankets with a comforter, and the thinness is what disrupts your comfort. However, if you had the right sheet, would you feel the same way? Maybe it’s the quality of your sheets that’s deterring you. If that’s the case, consider spending a few extra dollars to get a softer and/or higher quality linen. If it feels good, it will probably look even better. You’d be surprised how easy it is to get comfort and style. For those wanting to keep their flat sheet, it gives you options. If you sleep hot, you can use the flat sheet by itself. If you sleep cold, it’s one more layer to keep you cozy.

The Verdict

What did you choose? Are you doing away with your flat sheet? Or are you keeping it no matter what? Each person is different – so choose what feels right for you and your comfort. If you like the idea of doing away with it, try our Essential Fitted Sheet Set made for standard bed sizes. If you want to stick to traditions, we have our Essential Bed Linens Set as well. All Sevenfold Home bed sheets are made from specially-sourced premium cotton for the silkiest, softest finish and sweetest dreams.

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