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With our mission and dedication to excellence, we are proud to introduce you to the Sevenfold brand.

Who We Are

Sevenfold is a PNW based company that has been family-owned and operated since 1997.

For over 20 years, we have been in the business of providing boutique hotels and spas with products manufactured to exceed industry standards with careful attention to even the smallest details.

Sevenfold is operated by a dedicated team who share the company’s vision, believe in its mission, and live out its values on a daily basis.

We are dedicated to making the common uncommonly good.

Our Products

We begin with only the best quality raw materials. 

In the same way vineyards grow their own distinct grapes, certain parts of the world are known for producing superior cotton yarn.

We have selected cottons for our products that are both fine to the touch and long-lasting.

By doing so, we provide linens that will stay uncommonly soft.

Our Collection includes Bed Linens, Towels, Robes, Throws, Soft Furnishings and Slippers.

Through our reliable and innovative channels, we have almost unlimited options on what we can curate for you.

At Sevenfold, we believe that love is in the details.

bath mat close-up showcasing the Classic Bath Mat in a lifestyle setting

Bed Linens

Our Bed Linen Collections are made from the finest high-quality fibers and are put together with state-of-the-art equipment.

Completed with a proprietary finishing process, these bed linens are made to withstand the rigors of the hospitality industry.

Our fabrics come in three, timeless styles: Classic (Plain), 3/8″ Stripe, and 1″ Stripe.

We currently offer each style in white, with the option to customize. More stock styles and colors to come.

Sevenfold linens are a luxury your guests will fall in love with over and over again.

Sevenfold Home Luxury Bedding and Bath - Essential Bed Sheet Sets

Sevenfold Home Luxury Bedding and Bath - Essential Bed Sheet Sets


We currently offer one stock line: The Lotus Loop Collection.

This collection is constructed with double-ply yarns made from 100% long-staple combed cotton.

The Lotus Loop Collection is available in White, Ivory, Navy, and Charcoal Grey.

Our unique weave geometry, the use of the high-quality yarn, and a proprietary finishing process allow us to provide unique towels with longevity.

XL Bath Towel in Williwaw Grey

Bathrobes & Slippers

Our Bathrobes and Slippers come in two soft, moisture-wicking fabrics: Waffle or Velour.

Both are made with 100% cotton.

Slippers can be made in a closed or open-toe style in your choice of Waffle or Velour.

Each slipper features a non-slip rubber dot sole to make guests feel secure.

They are the perfect finishing touch for every guest’s experience.

Bathrobes & Slippers
Choosing the Style

The Velour Bathrobe comes in a shawl style and is ideal for cooler climates.

The Waffle Bathrobe comes in a kimono style and is ideal for warmer climates.

Bathrobes and Slippers can be customized with an embroidered logo to reflect your brand.

close up of the carefully crafted waffle bathrobe


Sevenfold now offers luxury throws in four, classic styles:

Full Chevron, Chevron Stripe, Woven Stripe, and Soft Knit.

All of our luxury Throws are made with high-quality materials; Choose from 100% Cotton or 100% Acrylic Yarn.

Colors include Light Grey (Dove), Olive, Navy Blue (Twilight), and Charcoal.

woven stripe stacked

Soft Knit Throw Stacked

We also offer...
Soft Furnishings

In addition to our luxury bed and bath linens, we also source and supply high-quality soft furnishings to help make your vision come to life.

Through our reliable and innovative channels, we have almost unlimited options on what we can curate for you.

Choose from our catalog or let us work with you to create something custom. 

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"These towels are thick, absorbent and super nice. I am impressed by the quality. I ordered a few to see how they looked and felt. I like that you can order samples. Will be ordering more."

-Cherie, Wholesale Customer

"The sheets are sumptuous very good quality. Everyone should be happy with the quality of these sheets."

-Christine, Wholesale Customer

"These towels are HEAVEN! We got a couple to have the staff test and they are just the right amount of plush and heavy and absorbent and non-shedding. Will definitely be adding them to our store when it opens!"

- Ranier, Wholesale Customer
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We offer three main ordering programs including:

Per Carton Wholesale, Open-Box Wholesale, and Drop Ship.

These programs are made to be flexible to the customer’s needs with minimal, if any, additional fees.

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