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Quarantine is still in full-swing in the PNW. At this point, many of us have done our to-do’s and exhausted many new hobbies. If you’re feeling stuck or itching to try something new to fill your time, Sevenfold Home is here for ya!

Painting Terracotta Pots

If you’ve got an old pot that is looking a little drab or you have some new plants to tend to, painting a terracotta pot is a fun, easy way to use your creative muscles! To complete this DIY, you will need a terracotta pot, sandpaper (at least 220-grit), primer, paint (and paint brushes for acrylic paint), and sealer. If you want to create designs, we recommend also grabbing any of the following: rubber bands, painters tape, foil, or stencils. We’ll go over specifics of each item below!

The first step is to clean and smooth your terracotta pot.Wash the pot with warm water and mild soap. If you need to scrub any dust or dirt off, we recommend a softer sponge or soft-bristle brush. Once clean, let it fully dry; We recommend an air dry or pat dry. Next, sand your pot until smooth. Wipe the pot down after sanding to get rid of the residue.

Now you’re ready to prime and paint! Choose from spray paint or acrylic paint. Spray paint will be a bit quicker but may be harder to manipulate. Acrylic may take longer to apply and dry, but will allow you more control and artistic freedom. We recommend doing what feels best for you. To start, apply your primer to all areas you wish to paint. Let your primer dry completely before moving on. If you are planning to do designs or paint in sections, we recommend using painters tape to mark those spots. Rubber bands can be used to mark where you plan to keep the pot plain versus painted.

For those of you planning to keep part of your pot plain, use the rubber band to section off the plain section. This could also be done with painters tape, but make sure you leave a little lip for you to pull later! When using spray paint, you may want to use foil as well to cover spots you want to keep plain.  Paint as you wish and be sure to let it dry in between coats. We recommend 2-3 coats of paint to get the best color.

The last step is to SEAL! Sealers come in different finishes. The most common are satin, glossy, and matte. If you’re going the acrylic paint route, there are some liquid sealants (like what painters use for canvas) that can be poured or brushed on.

Using a sealer will help the paint stay longer. If you want a “rustic” or “worn” look, use your sandpaper prior to sealing to expose parts of the terracotta. Once you have applied your primer, let it dry and voila!

Refurbish Your Old Frames

Do you have old picture frames that no longer fit your decor? Or maybe you just need a change! Refurbishing an old frame is easy. You’ll need the same supplies as when you painted the terracotta pot: Sandpaper, primer, paint, and sealer (painter’s tape optional).

Start at Step 1 for a painted frame. Skip Step 1 for unpainted frames. For those of you who like your frame color but want to add a new look, go to Step 4 and skip Step 5 if necessary.

Step 1: Sand off the existing paint. If the paint isn’t too thick, you can probably paint right over it.

Step 2: PRIME! Use the primer of your choice and apply one coat. Let it fully dry.

Step 3: PAINT! Apply 2-3 coats of the color of your choice. If you the frame has a design on it, it may be helpful to go with 3-4 coats. If you’re doing a design or multiple colors, section those spots off with your painter’s tape. Make sure your paint is dry before going to Step 4.

Step 4: MAKE IT UNIQUE! If you want to add a rustic or worn look, you can use the sand paper to sand away paint at the edges or within creases of the design. You could also get extra supplies to add different flair. For example, you could get scrap booking letters and decals to decorate a frame after you’ve sealed the paint. When applying decals, we recommend a hot glue gun or super glue dependent on what you have and the shape of your frame.

Step 5: SEAL IT! Wait until after you’ve sealed the paint and it’s dried to apply sealer. Apply one coat of your preferred sealer. Don’t forget to pay attention to the finish of the sealer.

Reuse Old Candle Jars

You know how sometimes you have a really beautiful candle jar – so beautiful that you’re sad when the candle is finally used up? Well the good news is… Saving the jar is SO simple. We were SHOCKED at how easy it is to clean out old candle jars. There’s actually four methods that can be used to remove the wax and wick holder. Of the four methods, three of them require heat in some form (hot water or oven heat), but using heat can cause glass jars to break. So, we are going to give you the only method that does not require heat: The Freezing Method.

If you have a jar that gets narrower at the top or vice versa (AKA it’s not all the same size top-to-bottom), use a butter knife to scrape the sides and get as much wax loose as possible. This will help later. Put your candle into the freezer until the wax is frozen. This usually takes anywhere between 20 minutes to 2 hours. When the candle is frozen, you should be able to push on a corner/side and the wax will move. Use a butter knife to loosen and remove the wick holder if it doesn’t come out with the wax. Last step: Wipe away residue! Empty candle jars make for great vases (like pictured), but the uses are endless!

Want to know a fun fact? Soy wax dissolves soap/water. Some soy wax can also be used for other uses such as cuticle oil, massage oil, and moisturizer for dry spots (i.e. dry knees/elbows). Always check the ingredients and be sensitive to any allergies before using for such.



Show Us Your DIYs!

We want to see what you do with these DIYs – or what other ones you are coming up with! Tag us on social media @mysevenfoldhome and use the hashtag #makingsevenfoldmemories so we can see and share them. You can also send them to us via email at [email protected] We can’t wait to see what you come up with!!

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