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Family-Owned and Operated Since 1997

For nearly 20 years, we’ve thrown our hearts into creating wonderful bed and bath linens. During that time, our work has transformed from a business into a labor of love. With every cut and every stitch, we pour a little more of ourselves into what we produce. Our goal is to share that daily joy with you through the products you’ll use in your home. Because we believe, love is in the details.

Home grown

Born in Oregon with roots in Thailand



Born in Oregon, with roots in Thailand, Sevenfold has been family-owned and operated since 1997. We have deep roots in the hospitality industry. For over 20 years, we’ve been in the business of providing boutique hotels and spas with what we believe are the softest, highest quality linens we’ve ever touched. And it turns out, we’re not alone in our belief. Time after time, guests tracked us down after their vacations because they loved our sheets, towels, and bathrobes so much they wanted to bring them home.

We decided to make that possible.

Sevenfold Home Luxury Bedding and Bath - Essential Bed Sheet Set

Our Mission
Uncommonly Good Since 1997


To bring beauty and joy to our customers’ lives. To make the common uncommonly good. To deliver products that invigorate and refresh the home and spirit.



Our customers are front and center

Sevenfold Home Luxury Bedding and Bath - Essential Bed Sheet Set



Sevenfold is our response to you, our valued customer, and our goal is to lift your spirits as we serve your needs. That’s our measure of success.

Sevenfold is operated by a dedicated team who share the company’s vision, believe in its mission, and live out its values on a daily basis.

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These sheets are so soft and light with a perfect touch of luxury. It's like crawling into your own retreat every night!

Brandi H.

"I put them in the washer and washed and dried as directed. They came out lovely! They feel very nice. Exactly how I want a cotton sheet to feel."

- Ann S & Ken W

"I do like how the elastic goes all the way around the fitted sheet. Even the pillowcases are designed so the pillow doesn't slip out. Another nice touch! I will be referring Sevenfold Home to my friends."

- Ken W & Ann S

We have been buying sheets and towels for our home from Sevenfold for some years, including from its predecessor company. We are extremely pleased with their high quality and durability. The new towels in particular are attractive and highly absorbent; the weave makes for a plush appearance and feel. We love the new colors and just picked up a set in the grey, which retain their color very well and look smashing in our Carrara marble master bathroom.

-Andrew & Susan B.

These towels last, and feel so luxurious. I'm a customer for life!

Angie W.

The only towels we will use in our home!

Chris G.
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