5 Simple Tips to Infuse Your Home Bathroom With Spa Elements

There’s an undeniable feeling when you walk into a professional spa. Your body, without prompting, takes a deep breath in and out and instantly you feel at peace.

Is it a relaxing scent? The simple white color palette? Or perfect tidiness that triggers your calm? Designers, the world around, have a few fool-proof calming techniques for creating the perfect spa-like atmosphere.


Declutter and organize your space

Decluttering your space opens the mind and peace flows in

  • Get rid of the non-essentials that haven’t found their way back to their spot or maybe don’t even have a spot.  
  • Organize your counter space leaving out only that which is necessary, the rest needs to find a spot out of the limelight. The visual space will clear your head.


Change out light bulbs, if needed.

  • Take a good hard look at your bathroom lighting. Is it harsh and fluorescent looking? Do the shades compliment or ruin the space?
  • Find a lighting source that is not a bright blue light. If you need to, switch out your light fixtures for something you love. Peruse bathroom pinterest boards for the right look.
  • Go for warm, natural light bulb tones. 


Remove synthetic surfaces and replace with natural elements

Natural elements speak to our soul, much like walking in nature does.  

  • Mix and match surfaces for a casual feel. Replace plastic organisers with wicker, glass, stoneware, fabric or wooden products.
  • Add a plant or two. If you don’t have a lot of natural light, ask your local nursery for indoor plants that don’t require a bright window.
  • Set the mood with candles – use different sizes to create a pleasing aesthetic. But don’t just let them get dusty. Use your candles when you bathe or shower. Candles and reed diffusers also give off gentle notes of aroma every time you step into your bathroom.


Stimulate the senses with aroma and color

Aromas and color stimulate the soul and instantly relax and unwind the body

  • Essential oils have been used in aromatherapy for millennia for their healing properties – find essential oils that are pleasing to you and always use pure essential oils. Calming scents include; Lavender, Jasmine, Vanilla
  • Store bath salts infused with essential oils in a glass or stoneware container
  • If you’re redesigning the bathroom, look at using earth tones and natural materials as much as possible.


The essentials

No spa experience is complete without white luxury towels and a comfy bathrobe.

  • Complimenting your bathroom with a luxury set of bath towels is an essential –  the ones that not only look and feel good but actually dry you too!
  • Invest in a cozy white bathrobe to wrap yourself in at the end of your long day. The robe will remind you of previous spa experiences and allow you to feel dry and comfortable before, during and after your experience.

Relax in your little spa retreat, refresh and rejuvenate.

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